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Road trip to Maine: There’s a lot more to Maine than Portland and Ogunquit

Here’s a tip: a weekend in Ogunquit is NOT a weekend in Maine. Don’t get me wrong: few vacation spots that cater to the LGBT community match the beauty and accessibility of this self-proclaimed...

Gay Muslims Find Hope in New England

Local gay and lesbian Islamic faithful are challenging traditional views of homosexuality both here and abroad In the fall of 1997, 19-year-old Faisal Alam entered a Connecticut hospital suffering from a nervous breakdown. He stayed...

Yoooou’re Out!

By Cyd Zeigler Jr.

Boston’s professional lacrosse team signed the first out male pro athlete in America a few years ago; what would it take for a Red Sox, Patriot, Bruin, or Celtic to come out as gay?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in Iraq

How gay soldiers are able and willing to put their lives in the line of fire for a military that won’t let them be who they are Captain Chris Sterling did a double take early...