Boston Pride Needs You to Vote for Your Fave Pride 2017 Theme

Boston Pride 2017
To cast your vote for the 2017 Pride theme, just go to before the end of the November and the rest is up to you! Photo courtesy Boston Pride.

We may be approaching the shortest day of the year and all the winter stuff that goes along with it … but Boston Pride is already looking towards the warmer, brighter days of summer. And they need your help to get started.

You can help decide the theme of Boston Pride 2017 now through 11:59 p.m. on November 30 just by going to and casting your vote. The Pride Theme selected by the community will be announced officially on December 1st, at which time applications for the Pride Parade and Festival will also be released. 

According to organizers, “This year, Boston Pride received a record 79 nominations (compared to 27 last year). We thank the community very much for this high level of participation. Although it was a difficult challenge, the list of candidate themes was narrowed down to the following seven themes:”

Stronger Together

The 2016 elections have established a climate of division, and made many groups including many in the LGBT community feel marginalized and in danger. It’s time to unite, not just within the LGBT community, but with our friends and alliess and stand united against racism, bigotry and homophobia. Now more than ever we have to come together as a community to fight again for our civil rights, and the civil rights of so many Americans and other oppressed groups. This will be one of the most important years of pride week after such a devastating election result. And we all realize that we are Stronger Together, if we want a world without discrimination.

#StepUp for ______!

This is an interactive theme where everyone is invited to fill in the blank with what they want. The purpose of this theme is for every member of the community, individuals and organizations, to step up in 2017 and to support the people and the issues they believe need the most attention. With the results of the election being what it is and the fact that the public accommodations bill will be on the ballot in 2018, our community needs to #StepUp to show solidarity with trans* people, with POC, with immigrants and all other communities within the community. This theme empowers everyone to fight for what she believes most in!

Still Proud, Still Fighting

This theme encourages everyone to remember the true reason for Pride and the continued need to fight for the rights of everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Together As One

It is through unity of ALL, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, socioeconomic status, or ability… that we remain strong and proud.

One Nation – Many Peoples

The Presidential election results have been a source of division and derision for our community and country. The LGBTQ community stands side by side with all those targeted with harassment and hostility. We are much stronger together and darkness must submit to the glaring, powerful light.

Heroes. Super to us.

This theme celebrates the heroes in our lives: someone in your life, someone who is a stranger, a historical figure, or even a character from a movie, or book. We will be celebrating the people who have made positive differences in our lives no matter how big or small. These heroes have helped us through moments we never thought we would see the other side of, or simply aided us with finding our footing in being ourselves, unapologetically.

One Heart, One Pulse

This theme commemorates the tragedy of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, where a predominantly latinx LGBT crowd was targeted by a hate crime in 2016. “One Heart, One Pulse” reminds us that we are one community and that we stand together.

“During Pride Week,” says event organizers, “our theme will be infused throughout our celebrations, visible on Parade floats, and will help us reflect on where we are as a community. This is your chance to be heard and make your mark on our Pride Week festivities, so vote then spread the word and invite others to do the same!”

To learn more about Boston Pride and what’s on the drawing board for 2017 as it develops, plus find out how you can get involved keep checking out the Boston Pride website all year long.