Largest lesbian wedding aims to set world record at P’town Women’s Week

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The "world's largest all-girl wedding and renewal ceremony" happens October 15, 2016 in Provincetown during P'town Women's Week 2016 (October 10-16). Photo courtesy Roux Provincetown Bed & Breakfast in Provincetown.

Women’s Week 2016 in Provincetown promises to be an extra special love fest. One of this big events this year is being billed as the “World’s Largest All-Girl Wedding and Renewal Ceremony,” and its planners say that if they get at least 100 participants they’ll make the Guinness World Record—inaugurating the category, in fact.

The big day is Saturday, October 15, with the ceremony starting at 11 a.m. at Roux Provincetown Bed & Breakfast, the event’s sponsor. In fact, according to a Sept. 13 Boston Globe report, the B&B’s owners, married couple Alli Baldwin and Ilene Mitnick, came up with the idea: “We had the idea that we would renew our vows but we would invite the planet and make an event of it,” Baldwin said.

Women’s Week 2016 takes place October 10 through 16, so they’re be plenty of occasions all week long to rev up the romance in anticipation. And then, according to the event’s website:

[Participants] will be legally married by award-winning, side-splittingly irreverent Reverend-for-the-day, LGBTQ icon Kate “Mad Vow” Clinton. She’ll be renewing vows, too, at the same time. And, if there are at least 100 couples, you’ll become part of recorded history with Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest Lesbian Wedding and Renewal Ceremony.

After the vows and rings and a parade down Commercial Street, the whole town will be your reception party. You’ll join thousands of women in hundreds of events planned for Women’s Week. …

On behalf of those married, Bride Pride will be making a donation to GLAD (GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders) to thank them for the work they have done to make a day like Bride Pride possible, as well as to help fund the battles they continue to wage for equality.

“Clinton said she’s conducted weddings before, but never with a crowd like this,” reports the Globe. “‘It will be particularly meaningful given the setting. Massachusetts is the home of gay marriage. It started here, and last June when it became court-ruled that we have the federal right to marry.’

“So far, 39 couples had signed up Tuesday, according to Baldwin. But there’s still plenty of time to recruit people who might be coming for Women’s Week, anyway.

“‘Those who want to actually get married will need a few days to get a marriage license. But people planning vow renewals can just sign up,’ Clinton noted.”

Participants can register for either marriage or renewal of vows on the Bride Pride’s registration page, where you can also learn more about the event. For details on Women’s Week, go to